Greenlee Diamond Tool Company, Inc.

Electroplated Products

Greenlee Diamond manufactures tight tolerance diamond and CBN electroplated form wheels in sizes ranging from small mandrels to forty-inch diameter face wheels and fifty-inch wide drums. Greenlee’s combination of top quality and quick delivery is unmatched in the superabrasive industry.


The Electroplating Process

To manufacture electroplated superabrasive products, Greenlee bonds a single, uniform layer of diamond or cubic-boron-nitride crystals to a machined steel surface. The electroplating process gives the most aggressive, open structure of all bonding methods.

Greenlee produces high-quality and consistent electroplated wheels by controlling the quality of three key areas; machining, grit maintenance, and electroplating. First, we machine and inspect all of our own steel blanks on precision CNC lathes and grinders. Second, we maintain our diamond and cubic-boron-nitride abrasive inventories by cleaning and classifying the abrasive on a regular basis. Third, we control our plating solution and plating process with rigorous operational and quality standards. By integrating these three key manufacturing areas, Greenlee is able to provide consistent, high-quality grinding wheels.


Abrasive Types

Greenlee stocks a complete range of electroplating grit sizes, two types of diamond and two types of cubic-boron-nitride. Please see the following chart for descriptions of our plating product abrasives.

Natural (D)
Blocky, white diamond crystals with irregular faces and cutting edges. Provides for aggressive cutting in a wide range of materials.
Synthetic (80D)
Tough yellow diamond with regular crystal faces and cutting edges. Consistent shape of diamond allows high crystal usage.
CBN 500® (30B)
Tough, blocky, gold colored monocrystalline CBN product. Highest fracture strength and most widely used CBN for electroplated tools.
Black CBN (10B)
Lower strength, black colored CBN product. Provides some crystal breakdown to produce new cutting edges.