Greenlee Diamond Tool Company, Inc.

Diamond Edge Band Saw Blades

Greenlee Diamond has been manufacturing diamond edge band saw blades for over thirty years. We fabricate products ranging from 1/2″ to 2″ wide on both alloy and stainless steel backing materials. Diamond bands are available with a continuous or segmented edge in a wide variety of grit sizes. Greenlee keeps a large inventory of plated band stock on hand to support quick delivery.

Diamond edge band saw blades provide high cutting rates, minimal material loss, and finishes that in many cases eliminate costly secondary operations. Diamond band is the most effective means of sawing composites and hard friable materials such as quartz, glass, fiberglass, friction products, carbon, compacted graphite, abrasive products, and ceramics. Proper set up and machine maintenance will significantly improve cutting efficiency and band life.

Diamond Band Set Up Procedure

Diamond Band Saw Machine Maintenance